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An online Test (also called eExam) is a great way of conducting tests and other important exams with help of the internet. An online Test needs a device capable of accessing the internet such as a computer or a smartphone. This can be either done at an examination center or at home. It can be useful as a remote learning system where candidates can appear in an exam from their own device by sitting in the comfort of their homes. They do not have to invest their valuable time in traveling to and from the center. This is the best way to conduct exams as schools, universities, and other institutions don’t have to invest in examination centers, invigilators, and security. A microphone and a webcam are sufficient for this process.

An online examination system is the complete agenda of an online-based test that has got multiple features and functionalities. The online examination system uses online exam software through which the tests are created, conducted, and also evaluated. This type of examination system has got multiple benefits few of them is that it eliminates the dependency on paper for the question and answer sheets, and eliminates any sort of manual workload which is too much in the case of an offline test.

In Online Examination System the entire steps involved in a paper-based test right from the beginning to the end are digitized with the use of online assessment software. Let’s read how each step is automated with the application of the online exam platform-

  • Creation of test:
  • The administrator has got multiple options to create an online test that is interactive as well as effective. The online test creation platform provides a variety of question types using which a subjective, objective, or MCQ type test can be easily created. Also, the choice of questions can be done from an existing test library or the test creator can create an all-new set of questions by uploading them with just a click.

  • Conducting of test:
  • Conducting a large-scale test is not an issue when it comes to online tests. Online exam software has got the feature to accommodate even a large pool of students at once. The additional feature of “candidate management” increases the feasibility to conduct a test on a large group of candidates in a systematic manner. It allows the test taker to categorize the candidates in their respective groups and at the time of conducting the test, the test taker can assign individual tests to every group, conducting multiple tests at once.

  • Proctoring of test:
  • At the time of conducting the online test, invigilation becomes a high priority requirement as it ensures the test reliability and credibility of the test. Good online assessment software comes integrated with a proctoring system that ensures a cheat-proof testing environment on multiple levels. At the start of the test, it ensures candidate authentication, and when the test begins it records the entire test session in audio and video.

Designing question papers for a particular exam is a big task as it doesn’t end with just creating a question paper. Apart from selecting the right questions for multiple question papers, the exam conducting authorities have to spend their time on printing that paper, distributing it in multiple exam centers with security. ExamOnline comes to your rescue and performs all these tasks online so that you can conduct digital exams efficiently.

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